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About me

I started streaming Animal Crossing: New Horizons in March 2020. My channel took off, and I was able to apply for partnership after just 6 weeks! These days, I play a variety of games and raise money for good causes. I'm a member of Rainbow Arcade, a family of LGBTQIA+ content creators.

I'm a senior frontend engineer at Twitch, where I've worked since 2017. Some highlights:

  • Tech leading Channel Points from start to finish
  • My time as frontend owner of Chat
  • Launching Channel Points Predictions
  • A complete Chat rewrite to transition to React
  • Building the navigation bar for the whole site
  • And more!

I used to run Game of the Fortnight, a video game discussion group among the indie game developers at the (now-defunct) Gamenest coworking space in San Francisco. Like a book club, but for games!

Previously, I was building a web-based rich text editing environment at Inkling.